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    Actress and artist from Switzerland, I work for various, Swiss, European and Canadian productions.
    Passionate by history and costumes, I also work as model and costumes designer.


  • resume

    Height: 5'3" Weight: 90 lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Green


    2021 "Les Roses de Sang" by Rayan Dini / Olympe Films
    2021 "Old Boys" by Jean-François Amiguet

    2020 "VASECTOMIA" by Marc Decosterd / Wake UP! Films

    The Time Book

    Char. Main character Isabel

    Costume designer




    Director: Jean-Marie Daunas

    Prod : Fiction Factory

    Cherpillod's Method

    Char. Justine


    Director : Jean-Marie Daunas

    Prod : Fiction Factory


    TV series (10 episodes)

    Char. Esther


    Director: Monica De Almeida & Marc Decosterd
    Prod. : Seven Prod


    Les Pirates du Loch-Neuch

    Char. Carlotta Cofresi


    Director: Romain Chautems

    Prod: WhiteFoxProd



    Char. Main character Oryza + Costume designer


    Director: Pierre-Armand Dussex

    Prod.: Alpage Production www.alpage.ch


    Char. Main Character + Costume designer


    Director: Pierre-Armand Dussex

    Prod : Alpage Production                                                          www.alpage.ch

    La Fuite

    Char. Amalia


    Director : Lucas Dupuis

    Prod : CinePlanet

    Tournage d’un Film

    Char. Eleonore


    Director: Jean-Marie Daunas, Raynald



    Char. Caroline Tissot

    Director: Dhamma Sami



    Les Roses de Sang  Dir: Rayan Dini / Olympe Films

    Vasectomia Dir: Mark Decosterd / Wake Up! Films

    Old Boys  Dir: Jean-François Amiguet     

    C’est Leurre Dir: Joséphine Vuigner

    La Carpe Dir: Anna Sadilova / Pierrot Productions

    Célibataire, plus pour longtemps Dir: Zordi / Arkaos

    Tambour Battant Dir: François-Christophe Marzal /PointProd

    Gimme the light  Dir: Basile Manent / Screening Monkeys

    Eagle Eye Dir: Lucas Dupuy / CinePlanet

    Variations  Dir: Jean-Marie Daunas / Fiction Factory

    Le Renard Noir à la Cour d’Espagne Dir: Lucas Dupuis / CinePlanet

    Entre Loup et Chien  Dir: Coralie Gaume

    Harley Quinn   Dir: Benjamin Rich / benjyrichproduction

    Anomalia TVseries Dir : Pierre Monnard / Point Prod

    Dusha shpiona Dir: Vladimir Bortko / Celtic Films, Three T Prod     

    Station Horizon TVseries Dir: Pierre-Adrian Irlé & Romain Graf / Jump Cut Production, RTS

    Deux Jours avec mon Père  Dir. Anne Gonthier / PCT prod

    Mary Queen of Scots Dir: Thomas Imbach / Okofilm; Bachim Films; Takafilm 

    LOL :-)  TV series  Dir: Pierre Paquin / TVA Canada


    Blacktrap Pirates Fabien Valour / Poisson Volant

    Trient  Fabien Valour / Poisson Volant

    SWATCH Laurent Richard / RJ41Productions

    PESSE Benjamin Feijoo / KTFM SA

    JOB and COM  Stephane Collaud / ScoloFilm

    Prends ton PASS - été  Sebastien Biollat / VideoVentura

    Prends ton PASS - hiver  opointzero.com

    Jurassic Jones Fabien Valour / Poisson Volant

    Honda Shams Abou El Enein / Filmic and Sons
    Conforama Shams Abou El Enein / Filmic and Sons

    RTS JO   RTS

    Drive In Suisse teaser

    Miss Caroline video-clip   Pierre-Armand Dussex / Bernie Constantin

    LONGINES      purprod.fr

    SDplus          Eric Pannatier / swissmovie.ch                                             

    Gruyere       Eric Pannatier / swissmovie.ch                                 

    Bring the Bells Back  video       

    Le Bal de Dracula   teaser Lucas Dupuis / Cineplanet

    Fetes du Forum  teaser             

    Kinder Maxi commercial           


    Method Acting Workshop Giles Foreman

    Fencing & Sword Fighting Imperium Anticum Zelie Kossler

    Fiction Factory - La Fabrik Vevey Jean-Marie Daunas

    Meisner Technique - Actors Temple London Mark Wakeling

    TO BE OR NOT TO ACT - Zurich/L.A. Jo Kelly

    ATM - Agency Team Models - Modelling and Catwalk

    ETM drama school - Martigny        


    THEATRES & PLAYS:                 

    "Exercices de Styles" Char. Sylvie (JCO)

    "World" Char. Emma (ETM)

    "C. com"  Char. Charlie Chaplin (ERVEO)

    "Il était une Fois" Char. Frog Girl (ETM)


    FIGHTING : Fencing & Sword fighting, Firearm, Archery,

    MODEL: Costumes, Cosplay, Steampunk, Fashion, Urban, Catwalk

    COSTUME: Designer, Stylist

    OTHER : Swimming, Climbing, Bungee Jumping, skydiving (basic), bicycling, skying (basic), dancing (basic) Horse riding (basic)

    LANGUAGES : French (native), English (fluent), Italian (beginner), Spanish (beginner), German (school knowledge)

    DRAWING : Portraits, Characters, Animals, Architecture, Nature,

  • "If you can Dream it, you can Do it."

    Walt Disney


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